How To Position Your Speakers (Updated: 2018)

By Rosie Lynch | How-To Guides

Speaker Positioning

Here at Speaker Stand Labs, we know that all sound equipment have different qualities. What more, its quality varies according to its position. Have you ever tried listening to small radio equipment? I’m sure you have! You’ve surely tried turning it around while playing. Did you notice the quality of the sound increase you hear as you moved it? That’s exactly the point why there are different positions for speakers.

There are different ways to position speakers. It really depends on how you want the sound to come out. You can position it anywhere. But, if you want to get the perfect sound, you must inform about the best speaker position.

In this post, I will show you top speaker positioning tips for quality sound. Here are 3 ways to position speakers:

Speaker Positioning Tip #1: Position It In Four Corners At The Ceiling

Position Speaker In Four Corners At The Ceiling

Position Speaker In Four Corners At The Ceiling

This is only applicable for speakers designed for hanging or those are not weighty and large. Many households position their speakers in four corners at the ceiling because it’s like surrounding your whole entertainment area with sound.

Your bass speaker need not be at the ceiling. It can be placed beside the sound player.

For this type of positioning, you need to prepare long wires. You’ll need this as you position 2 speakers farther at the back part of the area.

On the other hand, if you are looking for surround sound speaker position it will be the best solution for you.

Speaker Positioning Tip #2: Position It Besides Your TV

Position Speaker Besides The TV Set

Position Speaker Besides The TV Set

If you don’t have available wires, you need not consider placing it at the ceiling. You just have to decide which sides the speakers should be facing. This way the sound will be distributed in different angles.

If you have heavy speakers, might as well just place it beside the TV set or along with the TV stand if there are enough spaces. Don’t risk it being hung on a ceiling. Remember, those are speakers. It can vibrate with the sound it transmits. It is totally unsafe.

This type of position would be good for a space that’s not too big. If you have a living room or entertainment room that’s huge, it would be a wasted entertainment time if you don’t get the best sound quality. Sound quality also comes with proper positioning of speakers.

Also, this method best works for centre speaker position and rear speaker position.

Speaker Positioning Tip #3: Position On Speaker Stands

Atlantic Satellite Speaker Stands Review

Position Speaker On Speaker Stands

There are different speaker stands available in the market. You can try Atlantic Satellite speaker stands.
It has the right height with a heavy-duty material. It’s made of cast iron that’s certainly durable with a black matte finish. Its design is modern good for a home theater area. This type of stand can be adjusted from 27 to 48 inches.

Placing speakers on stands mean value, convenience, and comfort. Among the 3 ways of positioning speakers, this is so far the best way to position speakers. Stands don’t necessarily consume much space. Surround sound setup is for the taking with this type of positioning.

There may be different ways to position speakers but it really depends on the availability of resources. Quality entertainment is also at stake. Should financial resources be available, it’s really good to consider something like best speaker stands.

Final Words

There are also more speaker positioning tips can be found on the web. But, I think these tips have given you the clear concept. If you have more questions about speaker positioning or you want to give some best speaker position idea, just leave us a comment.

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